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Pump Station 12 Fly By with Beech Baron
Baron on approach to Trans Alaska Pipeline Pump Station 12
Pump Station 10 Approach With Beech Baron
Baron on approach to Trans Alaska Pipeline Pump Station 10

This site is dedicated to two loved and highly respected pilots. My father, Bill Scott, 'Scotty' (b-1931 ~ d-1999), and my father-in-law, Jim Clemens, (b-1930 ~ d-1980). Jim flew helicopters for the US Army in Korea, and later as a Captain for American Airlines from 1970 - 1980, flying DC-10's between Chicago, O'Hare and Mexico City. Dad flew in Alaska from 1956 to 1970 and helped pioneer the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (North Slope) Oil Fields, hauling freight and personnel to remote geological survey camps. He flew for Fairbanks Air Service and Winship Air, flying Beech 18's, Vulpars and C-46's. He also flew for the CIA in Viet Nam on retrieval and reconnaissance missions during the early 70's. Then flew amphibious DeHavilin Twin Otters on the east coast, (USA) and then in Peru for Brown and Root Construction, on pipeline projects. They are missed greatly by many.

Anchorage - Stevens Intl Layout

Anchorage Stevens (PANC) Current Aircraft Activity

Fairbanks Intl. Airport (PANC) Current Aircraft Activity

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